Baydee Business School's training session on the topic of Managing for Results was held!

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Recently, Baydee held a corporate culture training meeting with the theme of "result management". At the meeting, Baydee home furnishing business unit general manager Liu Li Yang around in the epidemic prevention and control of the normalization of the background, how to "results-based management" control of enterprise development and product competitiveness, focus on the ability to work to enhance their own value to start, Baydee doors and windows marketing, administration, production departments to participate in the training session.
Mr. Liu, the president of the company in the first three quarters of 2022, each business layout process, landing as a guide, pointing out that the "results" (execution) for the enterprise, the brand, the importance of employees and irreplaceable.
Subsequently, Mr. Liu, from the five aspects of "what is not a result", "what is a result", "why should we do the result", "how to manage the result", "two kinds of thinking to do the result", made a layer-by-layer breakdown of "result" for the participants, which was in-depth and analyzed through real cases. Emphasize the most basic bottom line of business exchange - attitude and results. It was made clear that all department heads and employees should adhere to the ethics of being responsible for their duties and results, strengthen the importance of result culture, and practice "results" to ensure that scholars have their own thoughts and those who do have their own gains.

Hundreds of barges compete for the flow, oar first; thousands of sails, the courage to win. Since its inception, Baydee windows and doors to high standards continue to break through the quality benchmark, more than ten years of hard work, Baydee windows and doors brand awareness, it is every Baydee people in different positions to build together. Through this training, we believe that Baydee people will be able to continue to challenge and overcome themselves, and interpret a better future on the stage of Baydee.