Baydee commendation meeting was held successfully

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At 7:30 a.m. on May 18, 2022, the sunrise appeared at the beginning of the day and the sky was slightly cool. Henan Bedi Plastic Industry Co., Ltd. excellent staff and excellent team commendation meeting kicked off.

Experiencing the sudden attack of the flood and the recurrence of the epidemic, the convening of this conference seems to be invaluable - in 2021 under such adversity, it is by virtue of all the Bedi people's hard work and sincere cooperation, to realize the Bedi Plastics enterprise development to a new level! During the period, a large number of excellent employees and excellent team emerged, they are meticulous in their ordinary positions, strive for excellence, help Bedi dream sail away. At the beginning of the General Assembly, the staff of Bedi Plastic Industry stepped into the venue in a neat and tidy pace, and stepped into the venue in a dignified manner.

Director Jiao presided over the meeting

Bai Yang, Manager of Administration Department, read out the commendation document "Decision on Commending Outstanding Employees in 2021" to commend advanced individuals, model workers and excellent teams respectively.

Manager Zhang Chao awarded honorary certificates and prizes to advanced individuals, model workers and excellent teams.

Advanced Individuals

Li Xinfeng of Bedi Extrusion Large Workshop, Cheng Zhanghuan of Bedi Heat Insulation Strip, Zhang Fulu of Baydee Maintenance, Song Jianfang of Bedi Warehousing Department, Li Deyong of International Department, and Hou Dandan of Sales Department.

model worker

Finally, the host of the conference made a speech to encourage all the staff of Bedi to learn from the advanced individuals and labor models, the courage to strive for the first, make progress together, and contribute to the high-quality development of Bedi Plastics.
The development of the enterprise is never-ending, and the road of struggle is not a straight road. It is these outstanding individuals and collectives, become our struggle on the road leader, leading us solidly towards a brighter and more brilliant future! Although May is not the harvest season, but we can foresee the harvest scene, let us all the Bedi people together: unity and progress, overcome the difficulties, do not forget the original intention, move forward, to ensure that Bedi Plastics Industry, the huge ship steady, far!