Home improvement tips to beat the winter blues

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5 ideas to Bring sunshine and happiness to your home.

The holiday is over. The sky is gray, your mood is also gray. You're not alone. The winter blues are not merely a dreary attitude; It's also an emotion. It can also be a serious problem, often called seasonal affective Disorder or SAD.


Psychology Today reports that as many as 20 percent of the population may experience some form of sadness. If you do, it may be wise to seek professional care. But if you're feeling a little "under the weather" during the winter months, here are five steps to help beat the blues, lift your spirits, and improve your health.

1) Provide a brighter environment

The effects of sunlight can improve mood and sleep, increase vitamin D to strengthen bones, and lower blood pressure.


Windows are our friends (especially Windows that are insulated and windproof). To ensure that outside influences do not obscure your view, trim shrubs and branches to allow the most sunlight to penetrate. At home, push the curtains aside or consider removing them altogether.


This may sound simple, but try staying close to a window in your home. Set up a comfortable chair next to a sunny window and let yourself soak in the sun for a few minutes. You've almost certainly noticed that dogs and cats use this method. They are often drawn to a sunny spot on the floor to enjoy a nap. Now is a good time to delve into the book you want to read. Just think of it as "sunlight therapy."


If you have a sturdy storm door protecting your main entrance, open the entrance door to allow sunlight to reach your foyer or living area. If a window or storm door is not an option, consider using a light box to provide artificial lighting that mimics natural sunlight.

2) Generate some heat

Don't sit there shaking! It's important to take care of the ventilation of doors and Windows and protect your home from the cold of winter. Insulate pipes and ductwork, seal air leaks, and add windshields to doors. Always close the damper when not in use.


There are also steps you can take to make yourself comfortable, such as layering to keep warm. Get those cute wool socks out of the drawer and use those Christmas slippers. Tuck in under a cozy blanket or find your favorite childhood movie and enjoy it with popcorn and hot cocoa.


Use your stove and oven. Make warm soups and stews that cook slowly to fill your home with wonderful aromas and warmth and fill your stomach with delicious satisfaction.


Finally, get up and move! In winter, there are many things you can do at home.

3) Put on some color

Winter is a good time to consider a new color for the walls. Check out magazines for ideas or browse home improvement websites for inspiration.


Updating a small bathroom or simply creating a personality wall in a pop of color can go a long way toward boosting your spirits and your home's "wow factor." Add color with new sofa pillows, lounge blankets and artwork. Even wearing bright colors can improve your appearance.

4) Reward yourself with flowers and fresh greenery

April showers may bring spring flowers, but a quick trip to the supermarket can bring you a vase full of happiness. Replant your houseplants and give them some careful care by pruning and repotting them. As you observe the daily growth of an indoor potted bulb garden, it brings hope for spring. When they arrive, you can admire the flowers and feel the spring aroma of hyacinths, paper white flowers and daffodils.

5) Enjoy the interior

Make the most of your "indoor time." This is your chance to do all the little chores you've always wanted to do: clean out the closet. Hang a picture. Scrub the bottom plate.


Make a list of indoor tasks you want to accomplish and get them done and rid of them - because you'll have to get out of there as soon as spring arrives. As you do so, make a wish list for house updates and renovations this year and put those plans into action.