How to use energy efficient doors and Windows to save money on thermostats

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Keep the heat where it belongs this summer -- outside.

Arming your home with the most energy-efficient doors and Windows is like putting up a sign that says, "Stay out on hot summer days!"


Old doors and Windows are so energy-intensive that they seem to invite warm air in while pushing cool air conditioning out. Replacing doors and Windows with new energy-efficient models can be a smart and wonderful investment in your home - an investment that will still be just as valuable when you ask for indoor heating this winter.

3 things to know about door replacement

1) Fiberglass entrance doors with wood veneer are a great investment for your home. They have a wooden appearance, but are four times more energy efficient than wooden doors. They don't bend, crack, or bend like wood, or sag like steel.


They also provide maximum heat and moisture protection for enhanced weather safety. Fiberglass with a smooth surface is equally efficient and gives a stylish look to a modern designed home. Many of these doors are fitted with triple window inserts for better insulation.


2) Older glass patio doors, especially sliding glass doors, may lose energy due to the poor insulators of single glazing. New glass doors with fiberglass or metal frames have insulation, which is a plastic insulator between the inside and outside of the frame.


Models with triple glazing units, a low emissivity coating and/or low electrical conductivity argon between the glass are a good investment, especially in extreme climates. When purchasing or replacing patio doors, flat doors usually provide a tighter seal than sliding doors. Doors with one fixed panel leak less air than doors with two sliding or swinging panels. Check the National Windows and Doors Rating Council (NFRC) label to find an air leak rating.


3) Consider adding storm doors to the existing entrance as an alternative to complete replacement, especially if the existing doors are in good condition. Adding storm doors can be a good investment because it not only creates a better seal for energy efficiency; It can also make your entryway more versatile.


Leave the entrance door open to allow sunlight into the foyer without being affected by the heat (or cold) outside. Some storm door styles also allow you to open the window panels for breezy ventilation at the right time.

3 things to know about window replacement

1) When a window contains multiple pieces of glass, it becomes more energy efficient. This typically includes double or triple glazing with a Low-E glass coating and argon or krypton gas between each layer of glass.


High-quality framing materials such as fiberglass, vinyl, and wood composites reduce heat transfer, resulting in better isolation of Windows, resulting in more efficient heating and cooling of your home.


2) Look for the Energy Star label when buying new Windows. Then check the ratings on the NFRC Energy Performance label to find the most efficient Windows to meet your needs. All Energy Star certified Windows include an NFRC rating and provide a reliable way to determine the energy attributes of Windows and compare products.


Learn your Windows' energy performance ratings and learn how to read labels and energy usage information.


3) Vinyl Windows are the most affordable window frame option, offering a variety of options in terms of design and style. No matter what style of Windows you want, they can be produced with vinyl frames.


Well-constructed vinyl frames can be just as energy efficient as wood. Especially if their hollow pockets are filled with additional insulation. Maintenance and upkeep of vinyl Windows is practically non-existent. And you don't have to worry about drawing them later.


Energy efficiency is not the only way to calculate the value of a new window installation. New Windows can also increase the property value of your home. In fact, installing a new set of vinyl Windows can add as much as $12,000 to the selling price of your home. Something to consider if you're ready to list your property or plan to sell your home in the future.


If you are installing new doors and Windows yourself. You may need to choose a replacement that is the same size as your current doors and Windows. Choosing larger doors or adding side Windows means redesigning the jamb around the door. This is a job you should leave to a professional.