Farmhouse appearance: What makes it increasingly popular?

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5 reasons why farmhouse home design is so appealing.

Farmhouse style homes originated in the early 1900s as country homes in the American Midwest. The farmhouse is miles away from bustling towns and cities and claims to have been built to house farmers and their families. Nowadays, you will find a large number of farmhouses thriving in the neighborhoods, suburbs and countryside, and the reason is not surprising.

1) We feel at home here

Leave your work boots at the door and come in. Socks or bare feet are welcome. It's a combination of modernity and comfort. There is nothing stuffy or pretentious about these clever designs.


Like Mason jars filled with wildflowers, these latest designs feel completely down to earth. They even seem to be good at raising families and spirits.

2) Those big front porches

Nothing says "welcome" like a wide front porch or wraparound balcony. These open-air extensions of living Spaces often have a personal touch, such as vintage rocking chairs, swing beds or sky-blue ceilings. Before you even open the door, your home has revealed a lot about the personality inside.

3) Open space

The farmhouse design has plenty of open interior space, with wide floors and spacious Windows flooding the rooms with natural light. Fresh finishes include plenty of white walls, rough beams, open shelving and lapping.


Construction waste and flea market finds are decorative treasures. Rustic metal light fixtures hang on the kitchen island. Casual fun is also practical, as the whole family will wash up in the pretty sink in front of the apron before helping to prepare dinner.

4) Dress crisp

The houses seem to complement any lush green setting. Their fresh exterior design is usually wrapped in crisp white and decorated with traditional black shutters. The houses have sides in wood or vinyl (sometimes with vertical panels) and many gleaming, multi-paned Windows that reflect sunlight during the day and glow like lanterns at night. The steep roofs, sometimes made of silver or bright red metal, feature interesting gables and tiger Windows.

5) Eternal, yet totally "Today"

We're willing to bet that the farmhouse design will stand the test of time with its modern amenities and old-fashioned sensibility. These houses meet all the requirements for livability and love. The fresh warmth and warm simplicity of the farmhouse design are qualities we can enjoy forever.