5 reasons we're happy to be at home

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The bright side of COVID-19 'time at home'.

There is no doubt; These are unprecedented times. When we practice social distancing and stay home for the sake of national security, our work, social, and family habits require major adjustments.


However, we are here and the opportunity to make this an impactful and enjoyable time is all around us. In short, it's time to "bloom where we planted." Let's celebrate 5 reasons why we're happy to be at home.

1) This is your space

First, think of your home as a blessing. No matter how small, how crowded, how noisy, how messy, it's all yours, so let's give it a little love.


Make the most of your space. Many of you are setting up Spaces for work and school assignments. Now is a good time to take stock of clutter and reorganize, making the existing space work for you now and in the future. The ideal situation is to have a separate room for each item, but if you're using a dining table or kitchen counter as a workspace, keep a basket nearby to remove your work items so they don't get damaged during the meal. If you have a garage, consider parking your car outside while using the space for other needs.


We're all guilty of avoiding annoying chores - cleaning out the closet, garage, or junk drawer in the kitchen. However, when you are confined to your home, now is the perfect time to accomplish these tasks. Treat the completion of each chore as a small victory and celebrate it to the fullest - take a bubble bath, eat brownies, or just do a happy dance.

2) You're a better cook than you think

It's smart to have a well-stocked pantry for emergencies, and even smarter to know what to do with all those items. When gourmet ingredients run out, it's time to start eating some old-school favorites. Take out the recipes you loved as a child and introduce them to your child. (Show of hands: Who remembers creamed ground beef on toast? Don't say "ew" right away.) You can even create a fun guessing game with rarely used kitchen gadgets.


Cooking food at a minimum temperature of 158°F can kill the coronavirus. So even a slow fry or use of a slow cooker will do the trick. As always, follow safe food handling recommendations and wash your hands frequently when handling raw meat and vegetables.


Get the whole family involved. These days are the perfect excuse to set the table and have everyone sit down immediately. Teach the children the proper table setting (forks on the left), dust off some long-forgotten utensils, play some soft music, and light a few candles. Make dinner an activity!

3) Know you

Remember when "quality time" was the buzzword? Well, now we have time for a quality conversation. While many of our daily activities are put on hold, plan some time each day to do things together without using screens.


You may finally have enough players and time to complete your favorite board game. (" Mr. Mustard, in the kitchen, with the candlestick "never goes out of style.) Dig out old photo albums and learn about your family history. Play some music you haven't heard in years. When your child rolls their eyes, ask them to share one of their current favorites.


Take some time outside. Play "I Spy" while walking or sitting on the balcony. Small jobs in the home yard can unearth some new and interesting insights into people's skills and interests.


Nowadays, parents face a huge problem in juggling work, school and play at home. Everyone deals with stress differently, so be aware of the signs when someone needs a little breathing room. Lock yourself in the bathroom and count to ten. Remember, we do this to protect our country and the people we love - even if they make us feel uneasy in the end.

4) Sharing through technology

Everyone is experiencing a little bit of separation anxiety these days. Grandparents miss their grandchildren. Young people are missing their social lives. Employees even miss their colleagues. This is where we see communication through technology as another blessing.


Make an appointment to connect with family and friends via FaceTime, Zoom, Skype, or another video conferencing app. Hold a virtual tea break, story time or cocktail party. It's a great way to entertain friends without having to clean the house. Just make sure to find a place in your home with plenty of Wi-Fi and a nice background behind you.


Many churches, gyms and organizations offer services and meetings online. Do some research and find new ways to connect with others around shared interests. This may be the time for you to make new friendships that will last long after this period of isolation.

5) Make feathers for your nest

This may not be the time to embark on your planned remodeling project, but now is a good time to look around your home and do some decorating with simple decorating ideas. A can of paint and a few uninterrupted hours can transform a room. Find some flowers or greenery outside to fill a bowl or vase with. Use candles or oil diffusers to create a cheerful mood and give off a happy smell. Prepare a special place for your reading, sketching, or daydreaming corner. It may just be a comfortable chair and a good quality lamp or a window that introduces natural light, but make it your resting place.


Once we get rid of social distancing, it's also a perfect opportunity to gather ideas for home transformation. Take a stroll through your home and imagine the new updates inside and outside. Create a Pinterest board and do some online research on new entryways, room designs, flooring, kitchen ideas, and more.