It's hurricane season: Prepare your Windows for impact

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Learn how impact-resistant Windows and patio doors can help save lives and money.

It's the season - that time of year, whether you live on the coast or not, when we're glued to the Weather Channel and watch reporters get swept away by the wind and rain.


Hurricane seasons vary in different parts of the United States, from the East Coast to Hawaii, and can last more than six months. That's a big part of what we need to be vigilant about every year.

Hurricanes and rainfall often have effects far beyond the coast. All of us must have contingency plans and be prepared in advance for severe weather, especially if we need to evacuate.


One of the things we can do is equip houses in weather-prone areas with impact-resistant Windows and patio doors.

Influence advantage

One of the advantages of crash-proof Windows is that they prevent water from damaging the inside of your home and your property, but the ultimate advantage is structural.


Studies have shown that sudden changes in pressure often lead to the complete destruction of homes. If the "building envelope" breaks through a broken window, wind can enter the building, causing an increase in pressure that lifts the roof and pushes the walls outward, forcing them to collapse. Keeping doors and Windows intact and preventing changes in air pressure can save a home from serious damage. Impact products help protect the building envelope to keep wind and other factors out.


Although these Windows (made with impact-resistant glass treated with a polyvinyl butyrate (PVB) or ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) layer) can break under the strong impact of flying objects, the glass usually remains attached to the inner membrane and window frame. When they break, these Windows break in tiny spider webs instead of flying shards of glass.


Just like standard Windows, hurricane-resistant Windows can be framed using aluminum, steel, vinyl or wood. Vinyl-framed Windows are a cost-effective solution and require less maintenance over time than wood.


With these Windows installed, you can always respond to weather emergencies. No need to rush in at the last minute to close shutters or cover Windows.

The benefits of anti-collision Windows can also be felt on sunny days.

Laminated glass in crash-proof Windows offers two main advantages throughout the year.


First, this lamination helps absorb sound rather than transmit it. In fact, airport terminals and recording studios use this kind of glass, which can greatly reduce ambient sound. Therefore, in addition to giving you peace of mind, crash resistant glass can also provide a quiet environment to avoid annoying sounds.


Another benefit of laminated glass is that it filters 99% of UV rays, helping to protect your carpets, furniture and curtains from sun damage.

3 Extra Savings

It's true that hurricane-proof Windows can increase your building or window replacement costs. Still, the investment could pay for itself by preventing storm damage, not to mention injury or loss of life.


Other ways to affect Windows can help you save money:

Reduce insurance premiums. Some states, including Florida, offered discounts on homeowners' insurance for the construction industry to reduce losses and damage caused by the storm. Check with your insurance agent to find out what you can save and how to get a discount or credit.

Lower energy bills. Laminated glass and special coatings used in impact-resistant Windows provide a barrier to keep heat out of your home. This can greatly reduce the cost of air conditioning.

Increase in resale value. In the Cost and Value report, items such as impact-resistant Windows can increase the resale value of your home. Home improvement costs can also have a positive impact on income taxes when you sell your home. But always remember that it's important to keep accurate records.

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