Indonesia exhibition, only one day left

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Welcome to our booth to explore the innovative beauty of UPVC profiles! We will show you the unique charm and excellent performance of UPVC profiles, and present you with an incredible home experience. Join us today and discover endless possibilities!

🏢 Booth No.: 5-B-1

📅 Date: 05 JULY to 09 JULY

📍 Venue: ICE Indonesia Convention Exhibition Center


✨Innovative design: create a perfect home


Our booth will showcase innovative designs and diverse applications of UPVC profiles. You will witness its rich color, texture and style selection, and feel its distinctive aesthetic appeal. Whether you pursue modern simplicity or classic fashion, UPVC profiles can meet your pursuit of a perfect home.


⚡ Excellent performance: durability, safety, energy saving


We will show you the excellent performance of UPVC profiles. Its durable properties resist warping, rot and fading, giving you a long-lasting good-looking home. In addition, UPVC profiles have excellent safety performance, and the multi-point locking system and reinforced structure will keep your home safe. There are also amazing energy-saving properties, and the thermal insulation keeps the indoor temperature comfortable and reduces energy consumption.


💡Personalized customization: make a difference


Our booth will showcase the individual customization capabilities of UPVC profiles. You will discover the flexibility of UPVC profiles to be custom designed according to your requirements. Whether it is windows, door frames or other home elements, UPVC profiles can create distinctive effects and make your home show personality and taste.


🌟 Visit our booth and discover the unlimited potential of UPVC profiles! 🌟


Please don't miss this rare opportunity to visit our booth and experience the innovative beauty of UPVC profiles for yourself. We look forward to sharing more information about UPVC profiles with you and helping you create a distinctive home environment.


📞 Contact us now, make an appointment for a visit, let us start the wonderful journey of UPVC profiles together!

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