Kitchen ideas that add power to your space

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Simple kitchen ideas can brighten up a scene.

The kitchen is the hardest place in the house. He prepares at least three meals a day. Its counter serves as a space for projects, homework and office work. This is where we serve, scrub and socialize. In short, it is more like a "living room" than a living room.


One of the complaints many people have is that our kitchens look cramped or dark. Fortunately, there are some DIY projects that can help make things even better.

Expand your window space

Adding Windows to a cramped kitchen may not be easy, but consider any wasted wall space or corner areas where Windows might butt into each other to create solarium-style breakfast nooks.


Perhaps you can replace the old window with a larger version. Consider using casement Windows to let in sunlight and fresh air. (or give off the bad smell of something burning on the stove.)


It's always good to have a window above the sink so you can have some fun while doing the dishes. Keep an eye out for children in the yard, or get in touch with nature. A good option for this place is the garden window, which provides sunlight from four angles, and shelf space for plants or potted herb gardens.


Once you have installed the Windows you want, decorate them with some pleasing curtains. Remember, you want to keep as much open space as possible to allow light in. Small fabric draperies can produce a good decorative effect, and rolling curtains or blinds can be used for privacy.

Open your shelves

Replacing the upper cabinets with floating shelves, especially around window areas, can have an open effect. Removing doors from existing cabinets can also serve this purpose.


Keep in mind that this space should be used for easy access to matching utensils, glassware, or precious cutlery, not a pile of unmatched necessities or pantry items. Keep it simple and neat.

Open the door

If your kitchen has a windowless entrance door, consider replacing it with a multi-tiered glass version that lets in light with your kids, dogs, and family. If you need privacy, you can add shadows to use when needed.

Highlight your counter space

Under-cabinet lighting can not only make a huge impact when performing tasks, it can also add clarity and atmosphere to the kitchen. The lighting is easy to install and has a variety of options, from wired LED lights to battery-powered fixtures.


The same technique can also be used inside glass cabinets to brighten up the objects inside and add drama.


Sinks and chandeliers on the island can add light and clarity to these busy areas of the kitchen. Styles range from classic conical shapes to oversized lanterns. If you already have a recessed ceiling light, you can adjust it to fit a hanging chandelier.

It's amazing what a can of paint can do

White kitchens are all the rage. A new coat of white or light paint can work wonders. Of course, there are millions of white colors to choose from and can cover the gamut from gray to blue.


Refresh your walls and, if you're up to the challenge, paint your kitchen cabinets as well. Then, if you need to give the room a little color, just look up. Soft sky blue or taupe tones on the ceiling can be refreshing and soothing.