The rainy season is upon us, have your windows been serviced?

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The rainy season is upon us, have your windows been serviced?

Into the summer, the weather is hot, a burst of rain to bring us cool, but along the gap trips into the home of the rain, but also let the house become wet, let a person feel uncomfortable, so the rainy season is coming, how do we overhaul the windows, in order to spend a dry rainy season?

1, different types of windows, rain leakage is different
Casement windows have better sealing, casement windows are the least likely to leak; sliding windows in order to ensure the flexibility and convenience of pushing and pulling the sliding window will have a gap between the sliding window, coupled with a sliding rail, sealing is worse, so the sliding window encountered a heavy rain, then it is possible to leak.
2, whether there is a gap between the glass and window frame
After a long time, the glass and the window frame above the glass glue fell out, there will be a certain gap, you need to re-play the weatherproof glass glue.
3, whether there is a sloping water slope
Usually the countertop on the outside of the window is a sloped surface, with the outside sloping downward, so that if there is any rainwater on the countertop, it will flow down faster, whereas if the window's outside countertop is flat, there may be a lot of standing water.

4、Check the drainage holes of the window
Many windows will have a few drainage holes in the window frame, if there is water inside the window frame, it can be well drained out, but if there is no drainage holes, or the drainage holes are blocked, then more and more water will accumulate inside, so much so that it spreads over the window frame, and then spreads to the interior.
5, the waterproof layer of waterproofing is not passable
If after many aspects of the inspection, found that there is still a problem, it may be the waterproofing of the wall, so we have to knock open the outer wall, re-brush waterproofing.
Bedi window using EPDM microwave vulcanization of one welding tape, to eliminate splicing tape and adhesive tape because of the long use of the gap brought about by the leakage problem, to ensure that the system windows and doors, no matter how long, are not because of one of the tape and leakage of water leakage and wind problems.

At the same time, Bedi window using hidden drainage system, so that the surface effect of windows and doors are not contrary to the factors, the overall effect is more beautiful, in enhancing the value of the same time, but also because of the drainage system to do a better job of improving the drainage system to get a better drainage performance, can be said to be the value of the same good and practical.
Sitting in front of the window, look out of the window drizzle, enjoy the indoor cool and dry, is this summer, for the family to create the best guardian, you moved, come to change a fan of Bedi's system window it.