How to choose a new garage door? 4 considerations

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Your car also deserves a grand entrance.

There is no doubt that Americans love their cars. We want them to stay clean, shiny, comfortable and dry. So why shouldn't we bring them home to the garage door and make it a beautiful, welcoming entrance?


Even if you think of cars as simple means of transportation, you can't deny the role of garage doors. When they are located on the front of the house, they can determine your curb appeal. Their sheer size means they can't be ignored.


Choosing the perfect style, materials and insulation allows you to enjoy the exterior experience of your home and the comfort of the interior of your garage. There are a variety of styles to consider, from simple one-piece wooden doors that can be tilted at a time, to horse-drawn carriage doors that can be rotated open, to modular roll-up doors with Windows. Materials range from plain wood to triple insulated steel. For those who spend a lot of time in the garage, there are even screen doors available.


If you need to replace or add a garage door, consider the following.

1) Garage door replacement can generate high return on investment

When considering any exterior home improvement investment, consider the value - not only how the update will affect your family's well-being and the livability of your home, but also how it will increase the value of your home. In terms of return on investment, replacing garage doors ranks among the top remodeling projects, along with replacing entrance doors or Windows.


New garage doors can improve the energy efficiency, attractiveness and security of your home. And in terms of cost, they're definitely worth it.

2) The right garage door design can transform your home

Garage doors are a huge style statement. Considering that it can take up to 40% of your home's exterior wall, take some time to consider a style update. It's easy to replace an old door with a new one in the same style, but doing some research can help you find something that can make your home even better.


Garage door styles have come a long way in recent years. There are contemporary mid-century designs, as well as modern designs, which include large areas of glass panels - giving the impression of additional living space from the outside and flooding the garage with attractive natural light.


More traditional designs include wooden doors that add natural charm with minimal maintenance. Segmented, roll-up models offer great flexibility in design and window options. They can even resemble a carriage door with the right hardware details.


When replacing the door, consider other details that complement the design, such as a new shape, roof overhangs or a pergola with decorative ox legs.

3) Choose the material best suited for durability and climate

Garage doors are now made of increasingly durable materials that include high-performance insulation, energy efficient glazing, finished interior surfaces, baked exterior finishes and more. You can choose from wood, vinyl, fiberglass and steel. Non-wooden doors usually have realistic wood grain surfaces.


Low-maintenance steel doors are durable and resistant to normal wear and tear. They are available with double and triple layers of insulation to protect against heat and cold and provide an R value of more than 13.3. In coastal and windy areas, many models can be reinforced to meet or exceed local building codes.


Like other non-wood surfaces, steel doors can mimic wood and traditional wood designs, such as horse-drawn carriage doors. They are available in a variety of finishes, colors and panel designs to add character to your home.


Another option to consider is whether you want to open the door manually or simply press a button to open the door. Electric garage door openers can be chain driven, belt driven, screw driven or direct driven. It makes sense to install the door opener with the door mounting.

4) This is not a DIY project

Ordering new garage doors online can be dangerous. The size of the new door must fit your home, so it is best to have a professional measure and assess your needs and then make an informed offer.


Installation is not a one-person job. There are many parts involved, special tools for winding springs, and a lot of heavy work. Not to mention the effort required to pull the old door.

Fortunately, Baydee Windows can help you every step of the way - providing information on style, material, and finish choices. Contact Baydee Windows for a free consultation and quote.