• PVC Awning Windows
  • Aluminum Awning Windows
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    Essentially a casement window that opens vertically, with good ventilation

    PVC Awning Windows

    European RC2 anti-theft standard, additional child safety lock and safety lock block

    Minimum U factor of whole window can reach 0.14 BTU/h·ft²·℉ (0.78 W/㎡·K)

    Reinforced welding blocks, 3.2 times higher than traditional welding strength, maximize froce 14000N

    2mm hot-dip galvanized reinforced steel in the inner cavity, enhancing main force unit withstand more than force 10 gale

    German Passive House Institute (PHI) passive house energy saving standard certification

    EPDM sealing strip ensure you a aircraft-grade sealing effect

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    Usually used in bedrooms, basements, or narrow high places, such as the above of Windows and doors

    Aluminum Awning Windows

    Customized configuration to different SHGC & Uw value

    Tested according to your different region standards

    Frame width available between 55mm - 120mm

    Ability to be either Internally or Externally glaze depending on site requirements

    Aluminium profiles thickness available between 1.2mm - 2.0mm

    Thermally broken aluminium design improves the thermal and acoustic performance

Application Scenario




Living room

Structural Characteristics


  • Consists of a PVC formulation without plasticizer

  • A transparent top layer of polyacrylate protects both the printing ink and the base film with highly efficient UV absorbers

  • The additional PVDF layer of RENOLIT EXOFOL PFX enables the pronounced matt surface structure

  • Good weather resistance, no color difference change for more than 30 years

Original Imported Hardware/German DIN EN ISO Strength Standards

  • Germany ROTO\G-U Hardware、Austria MACO、Italy SFS、Germany HOPPE Handle.

  • Withstand 150,000 times opening and closing

  • 50 years of service life

2.0mm Reinforced Steel
German DIN EN ISO Strength Standards

  • 2.0mm full cavity, more stronger than 1.5mm specification

  • Hot melt pressure welded galvanized reinforced steel

  • 3.2 times higher that the traditional welding strength, reaching more than 14000N, which can withstand over 10 gale

  • The inside and outside surfaces are flat, without cracks, delamination, lap welding and other defects

EPDM Sealing Strip
Aviation grade EPDM sealing strip \3 reseal safety

  • Exclusive patent, Crown sealing strip has a 1.5mm expansion in contact with water

  • Independent research and development of the whole seal structure design, prevent the leakage of water, gas, reduce heat loss

  • Owning weather resistance, aging resistance, ozone resistance, chemical resistance, fire resistance and other excellent properties