• PVC Horizontal Sliding Windows
  • Aluminum Horizontal Sliding Windows
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    Inexpensive to install and low-maintenance

    PVC Horizontal Sliding Windows

    European RC2 anti-theft standard, additional child safety lock and safety lock block

    Minimum U factor of whole window can reach 0.14 BTU/h·ft²·℉ (0.78 W/㎡·K)

    Reinforced welding blocks, 3.2 times higher than traditional welding strength, maximize froce 14000N

    2mm hot-dip galvanized reinforced steel in the inner cavity, enhancing main force unit withstand more than force 10 gale

    Germany RENOLIT ultra-fast grade PVDF door and window film, weather resistance up to 30 year

    EPDM sealing strip ensure you a aircraft-grade sealing effect

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    Durable and easy to operate

    Aluminum Horizontal Sliding Windows

    Customized configuration to different SHGC & Uw value

    Tested according to your different region standards

    Thermally broken aluminium design improves the thermal and acoustic performance

    Double-glazed or triple-glazed solutions

    Aluminium profiles thickness available between 1.2mm - 2.0mm

    Frame width available between 55mm - 120mm

Application Scenario




Living room

Structural Characteristics


  • Consists of a PVC formulation without plasticizer

  • A transparent top layer of polyacrylate protects both the printing ink and the base film with highly efficient UV absorbers

  • The additional PVDF layer of RENOLIT EXOFOL PFX enables the pronounced matt surface structure

  • Good weather resistance, no color difference change for more than 30 years

Original Imported Hardware/German DIN EN ISO Strength Standards

  • Germany ROTO\G-U Hardware、Austria MACO、Italy SFS、Germany HOPPE Handle.

  • Withstand 150,000 times opening and closing

  • 50 years of service life

2.0mm Reinforced Steel
German DIN EN ISO Strength Standards

  • 2.0mm full cavity, more stronger than 1.5mm specification

  • Hot melt pressure welded galvanized reinforced steel

  • 3.2 times higher that the traditional welding strength, reaching more than 14000N, which can withstand over 10 gale

  • The inside and outside surfaces are flat, without cracks, delamination, lap welding and other defects

EPDM Sealing Strip
Aviation grade EPDM sealing strip \3 reseal safety

  • Exclusive patent, Crown sealing strip has a 1.5mm expansion in contact with water

  • Independent research and development of the whole seal structure design, prevent the leakage of water, gas, reduce heat loss

  • Owning weather resistance, aging resistance, ozone resistance, chemical resistance, fire resistance and other excellent properties