Our Advantage

Nine performance advantages, wind pressure resistance, sound insulation, air tightness, water tightness, fire resistance, heat preservation, safety, weather resistance, small opening and closing force

  • Wind pressure resistance

    Main profile high wall thickness large section design, implementation of European standard wall thickness requirements, visible wall thickness >2.8-3.0m. The use of European standard hot-dip galvanized reinforced steel, fusion of patented reinforced block technology and external stainless steel reinforced connection structure, wind pressure resistance can reach 7-9 levels. Lv.9.

  • Sound insulation

    The close combination of multi-chamber structure and glass tape can effectively soundproof 35-48dB, which can effectively block noise pollution such as vehicles, square dancing and aircraft.

  • Air tightness

    Frame, fan combined with lap and joint structure, three flexible seal design using one vulcanization group Angle molding process, can effectively prevent the sand haze and PM2.5 intrusion air tightness of more than 8, is more than 2 times the ordinary window.

  • Water tightness

    With independent drainage cavity and internal and external dislocation drainage structure flooding slope and patent type water expansion sealing strip, window sill plate and auxiliary frame combination to form a unique lower drainage structure, can effectively prevent the infiltration of rainwater, water tightness of more than 6, smooth drainage of water.

  • Fire resistance

    Compounds new polymer composite materials unique formula, no spontaneous combustion, non-combustion, fire self-extinguishing, coupled with fireproof materials, fireproof glass application and special process treatment, so that the whole window fire integrity of 91 minutes to 1 hour fire protection to reach the European RC2 standard. Safety tempered, bulletproof, explosion-proof glass and guardrail integrated window. These applications ensure the safety of the entire window.

  • Insulation property

    Profile Uf value <0.83-1.39w/m2.k, very low heat transfer coefficient, excellent thermal insulation performance, heat and cold consumption rate is 1/3-2/3 of the general window, can save you 10-40% of the cooling and heating costs

  • security

    Imported from Germany ROTO, Germany G-U, Austria MACO hardware and Germany HOPPE. Equipped with child safety lock and safety anti-pick lock block, the security of the whole window reaches the European RC2 standard. Safety tempered, bulletproof and explosion-proof glass and guardrail integrated window. These applications ensure the safety of the entire window.

  • Weather fastness

    The outer surface is made of German RENOLIT ultra-fast PVDF door and window film, the new polymer composite material is the introduction of Europe's unique formula system natural moisture resistance, resistance to acid and alkali and other atmospheric pollution and Marine air invasion, in extreme climate life of up to 60 years.

  • Small opening and closing force

    Using the European advanced window making process, the window error is strictly controlled within the European standard range. Original imported hardware, open small, easy. Opening and closing force less than 10N, easy to open, excellent comfort.

Product Characteristics

Ultra-low energy, zero carbon, passive green building system doors and Windows

Five characteristics of our products:

Ultra-low energy, zero carbon, passive green building system doors and Windows。

Adopting European standard polymer profile, original imported hardware system, German Renault Ritte ultra-fast film, the introduction of the world's leading German door and window system advanced technology, Stulz door and window production line, independent innovation of honeycomb central sealing system.

  • Zero formaldehyde

  • Zero pollution

  • Ultra-low heat transfer coefficient

  • High strength

  • recyclable