Safe at home: Enjoy the great outdoors in your own yard

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1. Practice your gardening skills

Maybe gardening wasn't your forte in the past, but now is the perfect time to give it a second chance. Even simple tasks like weeding, trimming, and laying mulch or pine grass can provide you with a healthy dose of vitamin D and give your yard a fresh look.


Take a look around, gather ideas for the coming months and make a simple gardening plan. Play Explorer and investigate the shrubs and trees you take for granted. Help your child dig for worms or study the leaves they collect as a simple science lesson. Surprisingly, our interest in plants increases much more when we learn about their origins.

2. Start your game

It's time to bring out your inner child. Even if you don't have children at home, there are plenty of fun outdoor games to enjoy. When was the last time you played hopscotch? All it takes is some sidewalk chalk and a pebble. Hide and seek requires only imagination and the ability to suppress a giggle when the seeker approaches.


Of course, other outdoor sports include hacky bags, croquet, horseshoes, badminton and bocce. Remember to only play these games with your own family members, as sharing devices may spread viruses. As always, wash your hands before and after playing.


Bring a board game to play outside on a picnic table or on a blanket in the yard. With fresh air and sunshine, it's more fun to have some monopoly or slide and ladder races.

3. Get points for housework

What home decor projects have you put off? Now let's cross them off the list and enjoy a guilt-free life when we finally get our release. Spring is a great time to pressure wash yards and driveways (never use pressure washers on vinyl siding), clean gutters, refresh outdoor furniture, and make Windows shine. (Masks can be put to good use by using them to prevent pollen from entering the respiratory system.)


Cleaning out the garage or basement can reveal a treasure trove of long-lost tools and supplies that will help you with some outdoor tasks. Clean the front door or railings with a paintbrush. Even if you can't invite people in, now is the time to make your entrance attractive.


As you do so, consider future remodeling projects, such as new entryways or patio doors. Do research, get inspired and ask questions while you have time to continue your home improvement daydream.

4. Enjoy the view

Never forget how lucky you are to have the opportunity to go outdoors. Plan an "exercise" session by bringing your laptop outside the house for at-home tasks. Schedule plenty of "dining out" dates with a picnic in the yard or a candlelit dinner on the patio.


Set aside time each day to go outside, breathe deeply, and relax. Take a nap in your hammock, read a book or magazine. Just close your eyes and listen to the birds. This is the perfect time to study their unique songs and tweets.


Cherish this time away; When you have to go back to work and school, you may miss it.

5. Celebrate your neighbors

Social distancing doesn't mean we can't socialize. Your neighbor may have a social media network where you can keep abreast of ideas and ways to help your neighbor during this time.


You can help plan a community scavenger hunt for children, such as "Bear Chase by Car," where children search for teddy bears in Windows or on porches.


Consider making signs to lift the spirits of people who pass by. Use sidewalk chalk to say "Hello, have a nice day" or create mosaics. Post signs on your front door thanking delivery people for their service, or post signs in your yard thanking others for their service, including paramedics, first responders, grocery store employees, and teachers.


Keep in mind that many of us are home alone and need some extra joy. Putting a friendly sign of encouragement in your yard will keep them happy.

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