Staff frontline battle hot summer trade union warm heart to send cool

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Staff frontline battle hot summer trade union warm heart to send cool

When it is midsummer, the continuous high temperature makes the workers fighting in the front line more hard, all the employees of Henan BAYDEE Plastic Industry Co., Ltd. always stick to their respective posts. Recently, in order to ensure that workers can spend a safe and cool summer, Xunxian Federation of Trade unions carried out the "2023 staff summer cooling to send cool" sympathy activities, they walked into the BAYDEE door and window production workshop, for each worker to send the most warm summer cool.

On the afternoon of July 19, Liu Zongkui, secretary of the Party Group and executive Vice chairman of the leadership team of Xunxian Federation of Trade Unions, Luo Dongqing, vice chairman of the Party group, and Jiao Lijuan, vice chairman of the Party Group, visited the production line of Henan BAYDEE Doors and Windows Co., LTD., and sent materials such as heat medicine, mineral water and towels to the workers who fought on their positions. And listened in detail to the management of the company on the implementation of summer labor protection measures and high temperature protection work of the employees, repeatedly told the management of the company to do a good job of heat prevention measures, reasonable arrangement of the rest time of the employees, urged the company's trade union chairman and management to play a good role in the work of the trade union, and earnestly implemented the work of protecting the rights and interests of employees. Properly handle the practical difficulties and problems existing in the production and life of employees, and send the care of the Party and the government to the hearts of front-line workers who are fighting in the high temperature.

Luo, chairman of the county Federation of trade unions, stressed to the personnel present: heat prevention and cooling is a seasonal labor protection work, which is directly related to the health of workers and the production safety of enterprises. To carry out the "send cool" sympathy activities for employees is an important part of the practical activities of the trade union to do practical work for employees and care for industrial workers, and it is also a measure to promote the reform of the construction of industrial workers in the new period of the county, improve the production and living conditions of employees, and prevent summer heat and spend summer safely. Enterprises can react at any time when there are difficulties, as the "mother family" of employees, the trade union will vigorously assist the enterprise to solve problems.

Feng Guowu, deputy general manager of Henan Bedi Group, thanked BAYDEE on behalf of all employees for the materials sent by the county Federation of Trade Unions, which made the enterprise feel continuously cool in the hot summer. The front-line workers who received summer heat prevention materials have said that they should convert the care and care from the "mother's family" of the trade union into motivation and invest in their future work with greater enthusiasm and enthusiasm.

Finally, the county trade union came to the reading room of the company's books to guide the work, Chairman Luo mentioned that with the improvement of the degree of enterprise informatization and the importance of talent is becoming more prominent, the construction of corporate culture has become an important part of the enterprise development strategy. The construction of library reading room can provide employees with a high-quality site for knowledge management, skills training and learning exchange services, create a strong learning atmosphere in the enterprise, and provide strong support for effectively improving the cultural literacy and theoretical knowledge level of employees.

Deputy general manager Feng Guowu said that innovation and talent is the driving force and source of the development of Henan Beidi Plastic Industry Co., LTD., the company has always attached importance to the construction of corporate culture and the cultivation of talent teams, so it has spent hundreds of thousands of yuan to set up a library reading room for employees to learn and use, the future company and the company's trade union will continue to care about the growth and development of employees, adhere to the construction of two civilized enterprises. Both hands should be hard conscious action to help the long-term development of enterprises.

The members of the county trade union leadership "send cool summer" care staff activities, for the majority of cadres and workers to send cool, let us effectively feel the party and the government's care, Henan Beidi Plastic Industry Co., Ltd. will not forget the original heart, keep in mind the mission, for the "Chinese modernization to promote the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation" this grand goal to contribute their own strength!

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