5 simple home upgrades that are sure to leave an impression

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Get ready to welcome guests for the holidays.

Autumn and winter are the season for home renovations and upgrades. This is our most natural "nesting" time of year. We spend more time at home, inviting friends and family over for holiday celebrations or watching a day of sports on TV. So before the doorbell rings or the knocker rings, take some time to make a big impression with a few simple home improvements.

1) Let them say "Hello"

Before the guests enter, make a statement that you are glad they came. Give your entrance a mini makeover. Keep everything clean and shiny, wash your walkway with a water gun, clean your siding with a hose and brush, remove cobwebs from doorways and Windows, trim hedges, mow lawns, and wash Windows. As you do so, consider choosing a new color for your front door. A quick painting project can make an amazing difference. Or consider replacing your door with a new energy-efficient design.


Buy some new POTS, or replant existing POTS with new "horror plants, fillers, and overflow plants" - a variety of plants of different heights, colors, and cascading spills - for fresh expression. Add a new doormat, maybe a new light fixture, and voila, you can open the door with confidence.

2) Pay attention to what guests will see

Take a stroll around your home and pretend you are a guest. Think of the areas they're bound to see - the foyer, the living room, the dining room, the kitchen and the guest bathroom. Obviously, you don't have time for a big home improvement project, but look around for easy ways to refresh and update.


With proper planning, painting a room can be a quick day or weekend project. How about a new color for the restaurant? Many dining chair seats can be easily redecorated with a few yards of fabric and a staple gun. Add some simple curtains and hang a new light fixture (with a dimmer) over the table, and you can have a unique new look and atmosphere.


Speaking of dining, now is the time to take out your silverware or cutlery and polish them. Even the most casual meal can be illuminated with new candles and a simple botanical centerpiece in a wooden box, flowers in grandma's soup bowl or a supermarket bouquet in a spray-painted mason jar wrapped in ribbon.

3) The devil is in the details

Nothing says "quality" like the details in the crown and panel molding. If you know how to use a miter saw, it's not difficult to decorate your foyer, living room and dining area at the lowest cost. Adding decorative strips to a standard kitchen cabinet can also make a big difference. When we talk about molding, be sure to thoroughly clean your shoe molding. Touch up scuff marks with a dash of paint and clean fingerprints around the door handle.

4) Press Refresh

It's time to say goodbye to sad, tired houseplants and introduce some new, healthy leaves. Get rid of those flat throw pillows and replace them with something colorful and comfortable. It also makes an impression when you replace guest towels, dish towels and heat MATS. If you have guests staying overnight, prepare some toiletries, candles and matches, a water bottle, candy or nuts, and a vase with fresh flowers.


Please don't forget to clean out the refrigerator. It will no doubt be turned on when your guests are present, and nothing ruins a party more than the smell of spoiled food, an unsightly spill, or rummaging through an overloaded shelf for olives. Always have some delicious cheese, crackers and hummus on hand for unexpected guests.

5) Plan ahead for next year

Autumn and the holidays will inevitably come again. Before doing so consider some of the ways you might like to decorate your home. Maybe your New Year's resolution is to buy a new door with a side window for your entrance? New Windows, siding and shutters? Talk to Baydee Windows today and achieve your goals with a free quote. You'll be one step closer to the home you love to show off.