11 Types of Windows for Your Home

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Function and style are just the beginning. Know which types of windows is best for each situation.

Have you considered replacing the old wooden or vinyl Windows in your home? With so many window types, configurations, and add-ons available today, deciding which style and features are right for you can be a daunting task.


Let's take a look at the 11 most popular replacement window types and see what sets each window apart.


Single-hung Windows look the same as double-hung Windows and can be found in any home in the United States, but are especially common in coastal areas or areas of the country that are windier.


Unlike double-hung Windows, single-hung Windows are distinguished by their fixed top sash. This means that only the bottom of the window is operable. This is particularly useful in weather-affected areas, as locked top window frames are considered less susceptible to air infiltration or leakage.


While single-hung Windows are more difficult to clean than double-hung Windows, they are traditionally a cheaper option.


Double-hung Windows are the most popular style. Their classic look can be found in a variety of home styles across the country. Double-hung Windows are prized for their double recessed sashes, which are extremely easy to clean and simple to use, and both the bottom and top sashes can be raised and lowered, making it a breeze to introduce airflow.


If you have small children in your home, you may think that double-hung Windows are a better alternative than single-hung Windows. With the operable top sash, fresh air can be easily brought in while keeping the more accessible lower sash in place.


Instead of opening vertically like double-suspended and single-suspended Windows, the sliding Windows open horizontally by moving from side to side. These Windows are popular in areas of the home where you may not have leverage or space to easily open a hung window, such as behind the kitchen sink or above the washer/dryer.


Not only are they easy to use, but the sliding Windows also offer stunning views of the outdoors. The sliders are usually wider than height, giving you an unobstructed view and creating room for plenty of airflow in warmer months.


Casement Windows and awning Windows are essentially the same Windows that can be installed vertically (swing outward from the house) or horizontally (open up from the bottom).


Unlike the hung window style, casement Windows and awnings open by turning a manual crank. These styles are commonly found in houses with rainy or windy climates and can add flexibility and safety when introducing fresh air.


One thing to keep in mind when considering casement Windows or awnings is access. If you use window fixtures to cool your house in the summer, you may not be able to install air conditioning on any type of rocking window.


The picture window cannot be opened, making it perfect for capturing stunning views without sacrificing safety or security. This type of window is ideal for areas of the home with limited access, such as recessed walls and vaulted ceilings.


When using picture Windows, they are often combined with other window styles to create unique configurations that add personality and charm to a home. In addition, building the perfect backyard view with picture Windows with two casement or double-hung Windows on either side is a great way to combine expansive views and plenty of light with easy ventilation throughout the year.

Architectural Shapes

While not the most common style on the market, architecture-shaped Windows certainly have a place in the home. Sometimes referred to as "special shapes," these Windows are an excellent solution to the extreme angles, soft corners, and round beams found in many home styles.


Special-shaped Windows shine most brightly when customization is needed. These styles can be ordered in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit into the nooks and crannies of your home or work with existing window configurations.

Acrylic Block

When it comes to privacy, consider acrylic blocks. This type of window consists of blocks that are made by injecting resin into pre-designed molds of different shapes and sizes. They are most commonly used for privacy Windows (usually in bathrooms), but can also be used to create interior walls or partitions, beams and side Windows of existing Windows, and shower stalls.


Acrylic block Windows are available in operable and non-operable designs. Thanks to its lightweight construction, you can create a variety of styles, including single-hung, flat, awning, funnel and slider.


Hopper Windows are king of the basement. In fact, we call it a "basement hopper" on our website. But you'll also find it useful in garages and attics or any room that needs light and ventilation. Its unique "open inside" feature easily ADAPTS to areas with limited window space, making it a smart choice for tight Spaces. (For example: Imagine an underground basement with wall space just a few feet above the dirt outside.)

Bay or Bow

Bay and bow Windows have many similarities and are usually grouped together. But there is one thing that sets them apart. A bay window consists of a central picture window and narrower Windows on either side, usually casement, double-hung, or floor-to-ceiling Windows. A bow window, on the other hand, consists of three or more panels (or Windows) of the same size. The main difference between the two is their shape. The bow tends to have a curved appearance, while the bay looks boxy.


These styles stand out from the outside of the house, adding enhanced light and depth to areas like the kitchen or family room, where you may need some extra space to display pictures, seasonal decorations, or plants. They make an extraordinary focal point when viewed from the outside of your home.


The garden Windows are really special. This style juts out from the house like a bay or bow, with space for shelving and operable Windows inside, bringing light and more space into the home. They are often found in kitchens and laundry rooms. And their unique design provides space for growing plants, flowers and herbs throughout the year.


Garden Windows are also customizable. You can create your own indoor greenhouse by customizing the headboard. And seat board using a variety of materials, including quartz or granite. You can also add hard-wired LED lights to illuminate your indoor garden when the sun goes down.


If you live in a weather-affected area with a lot of rain, wind, or extreme weather (such as hurricanes). You should seriously consider replacing your old Windows with impact-resistant products.


Impact resistant Windows function and look similar to non-impact resistant Windows and are designed for homes in coastal areas and inclement weather areas. In fact, local building codes in some areas require impact-resistant products. So it's always better to feel safe in your home.

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