Why Choose System Windows and Doors?

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Why Choose System Windows and Doors?

Currently, system windows and doors are mainly used in high-end residences, villas, and similar buildings.
So, why are more and more people choosing system windows and doors?
Firstly, sound insulation performance:
System windows and doors typically use double-layer insulating glass, with inert gas filled in the space between the glass panes.
Inert gas has excellent thermal insulation and sound insulation properties.
When external sound passes through the glass and enters the air, the sound waves are reflected and greatly attenuated within the insulating glass,resulting in minimal or even no sound entering the interior.
This achieves excellent sound insulation effects.

Secondly, thermal insulation performance:
The main materials used in system windows and doors are thermal break aluminum profiles and insulating glass.
"Thermal break aluminum" refers to the aluminum alloy being separated in the middle and connected as a whole with thermal insulation strips, which effectively reduces the heat transfer through the material and provides excellent thermal insulation.
Double-layer insulating glass, due to the sealed air layer in between, has a much lower thermal conductivity compared to ordinary glass.
The thermal insulation performance of insulating glass is doubled,resulting in significant energy savings for air-conditioned buildings.
In summer, it can provide more than 70% heat insulation, while in winter, it helps retain indoor heating, reducing heat loss by up to 40%.

Thirdly, other performance advantages, such as waterproofing:
System windows and doors are a comprehensive combination of enhanced product capabilities.
In addition to sound insulation and thermal insulation, windows and doors designed as part of a system also have improved performance in areas such as waterproofing, airtightness, and resistance to wind pressure.
This comprehensive enhancement effectively improves the quality of indoor living, providing a comfortable and happy home for residents.

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