Change your door and window ideas from the inside out

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Each door and window design has two sides

Exterior home design concepts such as replacing doors and Windows can have a significant impact on the curb appeal of your home. On the other hand, let's not forget how they also improve the interior of the house. Increased natural light, improved energy efficiency and dramatic focus are just some of the internal benefits of exterior renovations. It's important to consider both sides of the story.


We've all been spending a lot of time indoors lately. It may have inspired your own ideas about changes to make indoor life more enjoyable. As you think about what to update internally, keep in mind how your window ideas affect the outside as well.

Let's start at the front door

Your entrance door is your most important first impression and a valuable investment in your home. The choice of entrance doors is as varied as the houses and the people who live there.


Open. An update from the inside out is the replacement of the solid door with a multi-glazing design. The glass has a welcoming appeal for visitors while allowing in natural light. If privacy is an issue, consider frosted or leaded glass.


Expand your horizons. Consider the standard door size beyond your entrance. Is there room to add side Windows on either side, and maybe a beamed window on top? The effect left a deep formal impression both inside and out.


Make it modern. Medieval houses can benefit from stylish, modern doors with full-length side Windows on one side. Bold exterior paint colors such as lemon green, bright yellow, orange or blue add a touch of personality. Inside, doors can be colored in pastel tones, perhaps the same as your interior trim and styling, giving your walls and decorations their own style.


Set it to double. The double front doors form a grand entrance from the outside and are also the focal point of the foyer. For everyday use, you may only use one of the doors to enter and secure the second door with a rod lock on the floor.


Split the difference. The Dutch door or the open door is the charming charm of the past. Open the top half to say hello or let a breeze through - a true two-sided experience. When using a split door, think carefully about your exterior color, because when the top opens, it will become part of your interior decor.


Dress up the details. Don't forget your choice of hardware inside and outside the door. Handles, knobs and door knockers can make a strong statement of personality, like a fine necklace worn with a simple black dress.

Look in and out of the window

When you're thinking about upgrading Windows, especially replacing them, it's important to know both sides of the story. Enlarging or adding Windows can transform your home in amazing ways, changing the overall look and feel of the interior.


Keep your balance. Make sure your window ideas blend in with the rest of your home. When you replace a room full of Windows, consider their balance with the rest of the house. Also, consider how the new window mesh will blend in with the old window mesh.


Updating the window style on the back or side of the house may provide more flexibility. Corner room Windows can extend into corner Windows to create a solarium effect. Beamed Windows can be added to existing Windows in rooms with higher ceilings.


Frame your ideas. Think of your window as the most important piece of art in the room, it makes for an extraordinary landscape, or may be hiding something unsightly. If you have a beautiful yard that brings you joy, expand your window and let it work its magic in your home. If you don't want to see outside, consider using acrylic block Window ideas, which let in light but keep out prying eyes.


The curtains are drawn. Some curtains are purely decorative ornaments, while others are necessary for night privacy or to help reduce sunlight during the day. Similarly, the options for window treatments are endless - curtains, blinds and shutters are just the beginning. They can add warmth and personality to any room, but also remember to consider how they would look from the outside of your home. It's always good to try to stay unified.


Grow natural privacy. Window frames can not only decorate the appearance of your home, but can also be planted to provide privacy and color to the interior of your home. Another way to add privacy is to place potted plants on windowsills or bay Windows. Three-sided garden Windows allow you to accommodate a variety of plants through optional shelving - the perfect opportunity to look outside while you do the dishes.