Zhang Yuntao, the secretary of Tongxu County Party Committee, and his party visited Henan Baydee to guide the work!

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On July 7, Zhang Yuntao, secretary of Kaifeng Tongxu County Party Committee and other leaders visited Henan Bedi Plastic Industry Co! General Manager Jin Jian'an of Bedi Group, Deputy General Manager Feng Guowu of Bedi Group, General Manager Wu Baocheng of Bedi Home Engineering Division and other leaders warmly received and accompanied the visit.

Accompanied by Mr. Jin and other leaders, Secretary Zhang Yuntao and his party visited the exhibition hall of KRAOEN system windows and doors and KRAOEN brand operation center under BEDI, listened carefully to the introduction of the company's leaders to the ultra-low energy system windows and doors products and whole house net installation products, and went into the production workshop of ultra-low energy system windows and doors to observe the process technology of window formation. Secretary Zhang Yuntao asked in detail about the R&D staff structure, scientific and technological innovation achievements, production and operation of the enterprise, as well as the development ideas and brand positioning of the enterprise in the later stage.

At the same time, he said that the future development prospect and market space of Tongxu County are expected, and Bedi Group will give full play to its own advantages and strengthen cooperation with Tongxu County Government on the projects of KRAOEN green energy-saving building materials and Bedi whole house net installation products manufacturing base to boost the development of Tongxu County and achieve mutual benefit and win-win situation.

Secretary Zhang Yuntao also introduced the planning and positioning of Tongxu County, the investment environment, industrial development and other situations, and said that through the visit to Bedi Group, there is a more in-depth understanding of the Kraun brand and Bedi whole house net installation brand industry, and sincerely welcome Bedi to participate in the construction and development of Tongxu County, which has a convenient business environment, and the government will also strongly support the construction of Bedi Group's green energy-saving building materials manufacturing base project, and hope that through this negotiation, it can help both sides to start long-term cooperation and create a better future hand in hand.

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